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Egyptian company specialized in helping clients resolve their company’s most urgent problems, issues, or projects.

We serve as professional advisors to help companies achieve their goals or streamline operations . We work across a huge range of roles and industries.

We share our gifts of analyzing information and identifying the best path for each company to take.


Our Services

  • We are science and technology services experts and management professionals with deep international experience in the Middle East providing consulting services, program management, and program execution services + FMS & FMF  & ITARE regulation.

  • We provide consulting services, program management, and program execution in a variety of areas, including Military Training and Simulation; Port and Border Security (Air, Land, and Sea); Aviation and Aircraft Engineering; and Energy, and renewables such as Solar and Wind Energy.

Legal issues.

 Help your company follow all legal regulations.

Financial issue.

 help your business spend less and attain more over the long-term


 help your business reduce attrition rates and increase qualified marketing leads.

About Us

We are a promising Egyptian company specialized in procurement the needs of the Ministries of defense (MOD), military and governmental factories, Ministry of Interior affairs (MOI) and also the civilian sectors in EGYPT and MIDDLE EAST.

providing consulting services, program management, and program execution services + FMS & FMF  & ITARE regulation.


Representative to your respectful firm in Egypt not to mention its contacts with all the customers either in the armed force or in the ministry of internal affairs.


Help ORGANIZATIONS, including Corporate, Government, Non-Government, bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations to face the growing competition and increase their level of sustainable productivity and effectiveness.

Clients We Worked With


     Why Choose Us?

  When you choose us  you’ll feel the benefit of our experience .

    • Because We are committed to ensuring flawless program management and execution to ensure programs are conducted efficiently and with excellence.
    • Because we are committed to understanding and responding to our customers’ needs by our dedication to delivering superior results.
    • Because we take pride in offering near-daily interaction with our customers to communicate issues and ensure program success.
    • Because we are committed to providing cost-effective performance and program execution.

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